The best use of Westerbeke is to help people come together.

Westerbeke Ranch is a unique alternative to the usual hotel or resort atmosphere. It offers as much for the spirit and soul as it does for the mind and body. Surrounded by remarkable natural beauty and energy, guests rediscover themselves and each other in the inviting gathering spots on our expansive grounds.

Westerbeke has long been a favorite location for business meetings, personal growth and leadership seminars, yoga retreats, and gatherings of all kinds. Our three main meeting locations provide easy access and privacy, and can be customized to meet your needs—we have many useful things at our disposal and are happy to share! We can accommodate events of up to 120 people, with a maximum of 48 overnight guests. Learn more about our meeting spaces below.

Westerbeke Ranch Sonoma CA

Casa Nueva

Open beam ceilings provide a feeling of openness, fans provide a breath of fresh air, and large sliding doors provide access to the light and greenery of the Sonoma Valley. Casa Nueva is perfect for yoga retreats (with seating and pillows for up to 50 encircled participants), but can also accommodate classes of up to 80. If needed, Casa Nueva also features a breakout room that holds about 15.

There are rooms and then there are spaces. Casa Nueva is a special space for special events.

Stats: 32′ x 36′ / 1,152 sq. ft. / casual capacity: 50 people / class capacity: 80 people

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Casa Vista

On a hillside above a pool, Casa Vista offers breathtaking views of the surroundings. In the cool of our air-conditioned meeting space, your event can take place in comfort and privacy. Meditate while rooted to our natural oak floors, or lose yourself in the nearby Celtic labyrinth.

Case Vista is for opening windows into the soul.

Stats: 28′ x 34’ / 1,000 sq. ft. / casual capacity: 40 / class capacity: 60

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Westerbeke Ranch Sonoma CA

The Round House

We won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what the Round House used to be. Now it’s a quiet space for gathering. Hardwood floors, subdued lighting, and a feeling of peace give the Round House its signature relaxed feel.

You won’t see another space like it anytime soon!

Stats: 30′ diameter / casual capacity: 30 / class capacity: 40 / wedding capacity: 80+ with planning.

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Meeting Space Sizes & Capacities

Name Size Sq. Ft. Casual Classroom
Casa Nueva 32′ X 36′ 1152 50 ppl 80+ ppl
CN – Breakout Room 8′ X 32′ 256 15 ppl 18 ppl
Casa Vista 28′ X 34′ 1000 40 ppl 60 ppl
The Round House 29′ diameter 624 30 ppl 40 ppl

Casa Nueva
Size: 32′ X 36′
Sq. Ft.: 1152
Casual: 50 ppl
Classroom: 80+ ppl

CN – Breakout Room
Size: 8′ X 32′
Sq. Ft.: 256
Casual: 15 ppl
Classroom: 18 ppl

Casa Vista
Size: 28′ X 34′
Sq. Ft.: 1000
Casual: 40 ppl
Classroom: 60 ppl

The Round House
Size: 29′ diameter
Sq. Ft.: 624
Casual: 30 ppl
Classroom: 40 ppl

Our meeting spaces are extremely flexible and we’re happy to configure them to meet your needs. We offer stereos, chairs, tables, backjacks, pillows, and more. You may order additional equipment such as easels, televisions, overhead projectors, and screens through the office for a nominal fee. Wifi is available in most areas of the Ranch.

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