You may not know it, but the place your spirit is longing for is Westerbeke.

The world takes a toll on us. On our dreams. On our feelings. The reason we need a retreat is to find a place where the spirit is no longer under attack. Where it can breathe. Where it can heal. That place is here.

In our California Mission and Mexican-style buildings and wooded cabins, we offer overnight accommodation for groups of up to 48 people. Our guests enjoy three exquisite meals a day, comfortable lodging, and opportunities to connect with each other in indoor meeting spaces, or wherever inspiration strikes. There are also special amenities available to enhance your stay, including a beautiful swimming pool, a soothing hot tub and massage services.

Two people meeting by the pool at Westerbeke Ranch


Westerbeke Ranch is a unique alternative to the usual hotel or resort atmosphere. It offers as much for the spirit and soul as it does for the mind and body.…
Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma, CA


Delightful paths lead to five charming redwood cabin retreats, nestled among trees and gardens. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and residence area for privacy and unwinding. For relaxation in…
Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma, CA


The food we serve at Westerbeke Ranch is “nonpareil” (without equal), at least if our guests are to be believed. We hear rave reviews for the gourmet meals that are…

Rates & Resources

A collection of information about meeting spaces, rates, and amenities, including downloadable documents group leaders can use to finalize their contract and booking arrangements with Westerbeke staff, as well as…