We love hearing from you! Here’s a small sampling of testimonials and press we‘ve received throughout the years:


  • Cabins in the woods with gourmet meals...what more is there? We stay here for work retreats and the food is something we talk about the entire year. Always great vegan options with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Awesome staff and accommodation. Casa grande is amazing. Wildlife, cozy fireplace, shop on site with honor system, massages to order. Also, a colleague had her wedding here and said it was amazing.
    Christie C.Los Angeles, CA
  • This place is spiritual, very warm and the owners approach to having a honor system for purchases just made feel like they believe in humanity! The food was the best I've had at any conference center and I've been to many! The cabins are a delight and the beds are very comfortable.  I highly recommend this place for weddings and conferences!
    Faris S. Watsonville, CA
  • I have been to the Westerbeke 3 times now, and every time has been a resounding success. The location is perfect, close enough to Sonoma downtown but an oasis of shady trails and gorgeous gardens away from it all. The cabins are a little on the rustic side, but they sacrifice nothing in comfort. The meeting facilities are more than adequate, and other amenities include an olympic-size pool and hot tub. Massages can be arranged on-site.   They've been making improvements to the rooms and handicapped access. The rooms are on a hill and it's helpful to let them know if someone has trouble walking up inclines so they can assign rooms accordingly.   Lastly, let me talk about the food. Now, I don't normally expect much from retreat food, but Chef John Littlewood is a master at taking fresh, local ingredients and making every dish something special. I would match him against any chef in the world, and we joked that he's the only man we know who could satisfy 23 women, 3 times a day. This is no slight to the other chefs working there, all of whom are amazingly talented. We awaited the dinner bell eagerly and nobody in our group even thought of going into town for dinner at any of the world class restaurants there.   Never a regret with Westerbeke.
    Sharon D.Weymouth, MA
  • As good as it gets!  This was my first visit to the Westerbeke Ranch as I attended a 5Rhythms workshop with around 20 people from around the world.  The history of the ranch is fascinating.  I loved hearing the stories.  In that vein something there really spoke to me from the actual land itself.  The energy there made it feel sacred.  I had the rare opportunity to be the first of my group to arrive and the last to leave back to New York City. This allowed me the chance to hear and see natures at its finest providing so much joy to everyone. The massage I had prior to leaving was great! The meeting room that we danced in was divine.  Open on both sides allowing the breeze to whisk through at times.  Jumping in the pool after an afternoon of dancing was so refreshing! The accommodations were clean and comfortable.  I felt so welcomed there from Wendy and Ted that it felt like home.  The only word I can say about the food prepared by John is OUTSTANDING!  Each meal was anticipated after the bell rang and enjoyed outside by tables set up for our group.  We ate in 3 different areas.   To say I had "Westerbeke Withdrawal" upon returning home to New York puts it mildly.  I can't wait to return.
    Maura G.Manhattan, NY

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